Bill Thompson (BT) ~ VP of Safety

Swim Lessons by Lifeguards ~ Daily ~ 11:00 am at the Beach.
Our beach area is used for many activities throught the season. To make it enjoyable for all members, please read all signs and posted notices. Safety is our top priority.
Please read Section IX of the Rules & Regulations for more information.
Aquatic Supervision, Emergency Management and Evacuation Plan is posted here.
The Bathing Water Quality is tested weekly. The water quality is monitored by the State of New Jersey – DEP.
There are lifeguards on duty 7 days a week. The beach rules are posted on the lifeguard stands. Directives from Lifeguards must be followed at all times. In the event of thunder or lightning swimming is prohibited.
All boats must stay clear of the swimming areas. Boats may not drop off or pick-up swimmers from within the roped off areas.
Every morning the beach is raked, the swimming area is checked to be safe.
Remember to wear your badge when on Lake Wallkill properties. The Badge Checker will be walking around looking for members wearing their badges.
Members who have paid their dues and assessments in full can pick up their Membership Badges and Car Stickers from Kerri in the Office. Please make your request ahead of time, Kerri has many badges and car stickers to organize. Also, ask about the boat stickers if you have a boat in Lake Wallkill waters.
The Office hours are posted to the left.

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