Parking lots are available for Member use at the beach and Clubhouse. Vehicle stickers should be displayed when using these lots. Stickers can be obtained from the lake office. Parking is permitted in Lake lots between the hours of 7:00AM and 10:00PM. Members requiring parking outside the permitted hours, for themselves or guests, can obtain an overnight Parking Permit from the Lake Office. Please make these arrangements in advance.
Handicap parking spots are available and marked accordingly in Lake lots.
Parking on lake roads is governed by common sense. Members must be aware and considerate of their neighbors when they, or their guests, park roadside. Sufficient space must remain to allow the passing of traffic and more importantly, Emergency Vehicles. Members should be aware that Lake Rules and Regulations prohibit roadside parking in the event of a winter storm. Maximum access is required to effectively and efficiently carry out snowplowing during these times.

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