Lake Wallkill has an abundance of equipment and facilities for play and sport. A variety of playground equipment is prominently located in the beach area and provides a nice diversion for children spending a day at the beach or in the evening while ‘hanging’ with friends. The equipment you will find there was graciously donated by the Ladies of the Lake and installed by volunteer members. The beach area also includes swim lanes, diving tower and raft providing many options for those that enjoy recreational or competitive swimming.
The Clubhouse area is the land-based hub for play and sport at Lake Wallkill. In this area you can find swings for the children and a variety of sport venues including Tennis, Horseshoes, Basketball and a multi-use ball field suitable for Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer and Lacrosse. The basketball court is lighted to extend its use for evening/night games.
In the summer season Members can take advantage of these facilities at their leisure or through one of the organized activities provided by the Lake Wallkill Sports Club or the Lake Wallkill Swim Team.
For runners, joggers, walkers and bike riders, Lakeside Drive provides a near perfect ‘track’ for exercising while enjoying the beauty of Lake Wallkill. The course provides a varied terrain and the direction you choose to travel can increase or decrease the degree of difficulty. One loop around the lake is equivalent to just over a mile making it easy to gauge the length of your workout.

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