Your septic should be pumped every 2 years.
Saturday 8/12/17 – 8 MAX

Monday 8/14/17 – 12 MAX

$224.70 – Check is given to driver. Make check payable to:  A & L Millier

Contact: Office Manager to sign up – 973-875-5620
The Lake has contracted with a local service to pump septics in our community at a reduced rate. To receive the discounted rate you must expose the septic cover yourself and the DRIVER will remove the cover. Sign up with your name and lake street address and a phone number. You will write a check to the truck driver when they pump your septic. There is a limit of 20 homes on this date.

Please see the Rutgers Cooperative Extension about proper septic maintenance. Or see for more information.
Keeping your septic healthy keeps our Lake healthy.

It is recommended that your septic be pumped every 2 years and if you live on lakefront, every year is recommended.

Oil Tanks

Check your tank regularly for any corrosion or leaks.

Something we seldom think about…our tanks can be a very volatile thing for our environment and our Community. If a tank leaks you may not know for a long time. The oil can find its way to the ground water and contaminate wells and our Lake water. If you have an older oil tank it can be replaced with a double-hulled tank, like the Roth brand. They can be inside or outside. The State of New Jersey has a lot of information here about oil tank safety & maintenance. Please read it. There are also some grants that may be available to replace a tank – look into it.

Cleanup is the responsibility of the homeowner, it can be very expensive and many insurance companies are now excluding or limiting coverage. Be sure to check your policy for specifics.

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