Lynne LaCarrubba ~ VP of Security 

Security and the protection of Lake assets is a concern for Members and the Management Committee alike. Members are asked to take an active role in the security of Lake Wallkill. If you observe acts of vandalism, public drinking or other concerns to the detriment of Lake Wallkill you are encouraged to call the Vernon Police or a Management Committee Member.
During peak times, lake management hires security details in the form of private security firms or off duty police to assist in the protection of Lake Wallkill. We also from time to time get Member volunteers to man the security booth on weekends at the entrance to Lake Wallkill. Members can assist by letting security know in advance when they will be receiving guests and know if your children might be inviting people into the lake. Security will check visitors attempting to enter Lake Wallkill and will, as deemed necessary, call the Member to verify they are expecting visitors.
Extra security is added for Regatta Weekend and Columbus Weekend (Lake Halloween) to minimize the security risks that have been experienced in the past.

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